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Resort Sustainability Design.

A resort: a place that offers experiences that stir guests’ dreams and emotions.
Asyatt. believes that unique experiences are the absolute demand for a sustainable resort;
Unique content development is the starting point of resort development.
The developed content is sublimed into a high-value premium product, forming the foundation of business stability. This reinvestment in talent enables the growth of sustainable resort brands.

Original “Kangen” Creates Uniqueness.

In our process of resort brand expansion, significant time and resources are invested.
A thorough analysis of the land is conducted, extracting the uniqueness it holds from a 360-degree perspective. From the soil, flora, and fauna to ecosystems of forests and oceans, 
and even primary industries including agriculture, dairy farming, livestock, and fishing, 
every aspect of the land and nature’s uniqueness is identified.
This extracted uniqueness exists in neighboring regions - we elevate to an unparalleled difference by combining unique factors.
The challenge of combination is an endless marathon, and the shining uniqueness arising from the challenge becomes the core signature of that resort.

Bold and Inventive Content Cultivation.

Transformation of the uniqueness is curated with global experts delivering one-of-a-kind resort experiences.
In Asyatt.’s signature content, such as Snow Dining Out, renowned architects, fluid dynamics specialists, structural engineers, meteorologists, star chefs, sommeliers, local experts knowledgeable about snow quality, and more come together to craft the moment.
It’s not just about appearances; true hospitality experiences with inherent essence are what define luxury.
With the conviction that this essence contributes maximally to resort sustainability as added value, 
we continuously innovate and produce groundbreaking content.

Accelerating Our Ever-Expansive Strategy.

Asyatt.’s journey, starting from Hokkaido’s Niseko, 
is underpinned by the abundance of yet-unexplored uniqueness in Japan’s regions, expanding across the nation.
The potential market created by Asyatt.’s expansion exceeds the imagination of any think tank or analyst, resulting in the establishment of a massive market.
We are always seeking financial partners to accelerate expansion and are taking measures to enhance the industry multiple of 15, within Japan to elevate and support our efforts.