Talent Asyatt. Group

Creativity, fearless risk-taking, diversity.
These three elements uphold the successs 
of each brand within Asyatt.
and drive the vision of a “Sustainablys 
Impactful Resort” group.
Placing nature-inspired content at the cores 
of business strategy enables
each brand to create the future of resortss 
through differentiation,
creativity, sustainability, and responsible practices.

The Asyatt. Group The Asyatt. Group


Niseko Resort, attracting affluent individuals seeking powder snow from various countries, 
collaborates with Asyatt. brands as a global beacon for dissemination.

Snow Activities / Restaurants / Bars / Lounges

Each Asyatt. brand can seamlessly fit into various scenarios.
Our service staff is meticulous in handling everything from inviting VIPs to events to launching products, ensuring attentive service.

Support Business
We provide comprehensive support for entering Niseko Resort, offering advice on business plans, 
and our staff proficient in both Japanese and English will provide extensive support for tasks such 
as contracts, translation, and legal matters, both on-site and online.

Hospitality Business
We support the launch of dining establishments such as restaurants, bars, and lounges, 
and we also offer support for introducing luxury services and on-site customer service guidance.
Our beverage consulting services cover everything from creating wine lists and arranging procurement
to preparing supplies, managing everything from sales improvement to costs.

Activity Business
We provide tour planning services, including arrangements for accommodations and transportation, 
as well as on-site activities, meals, and unique tour experiences led by professional border attendants.