Group Our Strategy

Asyatt. is daringly and unboundedly striving to achieve a vision that maximizes the value of resorts.
Asyatt.’s aim is to create resorts that encompass creativity, authenticity, and sustainability,
while producing powerful and innovative content.
This vision also enables the expression of individual uniqueness for each person.

our strategy our strategy

To create a contemporary and audacious resort vision

Our world evolves each time significant capital or player appears.
New services and hospitality emerge one after another, state-of-art equipment is introduced, 
and we confront the consumer generation known as the “Always-On” type, constantly being reviewed on the internet.
This generation, through new expectations and needs for resorts, is changing market norms every second.
They consistently seek meaning, and explore ways to gain attention, influencing people of all generations.
Asyatt.’s unique vision for resorts enables each individual to express their uniqueness to the fullest.
We create innovative and bold premium content, stemming not only from abundant nature 
but also from hospitality, local culture, ethnicity, and history.
Asyatt.’s resort vision stirs emotions and sparks imagination.
By placing the power of nature at the core of the entire business, we boldly advance toward the time-honored goal of becoming the world’s most influential resort brand group characterized by creativity, sustainability, and economic performance.

Dedication to Nature

The value of a resort equals its land's nature, which is no overstatement.
All the content we generate draws inspiration from nature, always remaining a fusion of the highest level of hospitality and cultural context.
With a resource-invested approach to developing such unique content, a structure focused on garnering interest is in place, supporting each brand's growth and fostering an enhancement of its perceived value.

Efforts Toward Growth

To excel in the resort market, it’s essential to not only unlock the potential of each brand 
but also to establish an integrated business model across the entire group.
Brands are cementing their distinct positions, blending emotions and creativity in their individual ways 
while contributing to the development of a consistent group structure.
Aiming to integrate strategic sectors like logistics, assets, information systems, and media buying from the seed stage, the establishment and sharing of best practices throughout the group are underway.
Moreover, by meticulously designing a portfolio comprising carefully selected brands, ranging from risk-averse dining brands to those with strong adventure elements, we are determined to provide diverse content to the broad customer base of various resorts.
This mixture of various brands is Asyatt.’s envisioned business model.
Organizational and workflow designs, based on the assumption of a vertically integrated business model, are also being introduced, with a focus on investing in business systems that can be utilized throughout the group.
Asyatt. is also engaged in developing proprietary modules that perfectly align with each brand’s image and strategy.

Consideration for Employees

Observation and imagination are essential in offering employees opportunities for growth 
and in allowing them to fully harness their abilities.
Under the tenets of a bold talent development policy, we are diligently working to enhance the skills and satisfaction of all employees working within each brand and at the group’s headquarters.
Anchored in diversity, equality, and high mobility, Asyatt.’s HR system provides the necessary tools and support for employees to unleash creativity and growth.
In the future, a career design for brand directors within the group will be established, fostering a robust group culture that goes beyond individual brands by leveraging respective strengths for inter-brand mobility.

Pursuit of Sustainability

Without a long-standing commitment to both the company and the environment, and without the realization of sustainability, future resorts cannot prosper.
More than any other resort worldwide, Asyatt. will advance “CARE” for the local community, climate change, care for natural resources, “COLLABORATE” with employees, suppliers, and customers, 
and “CREATE” innovative ideas to protect Asyatt.’s legacy and foster future generations.